At La Casa Eoliana we don’t like to define ourselves a “concept store”, we were born from the idea of “putia” which long time ago used to be a typical Sicilian store where people were able to find a great variety of goods of any kind. We try our best to keep the unique charm of a “putia” still constantly looking for something new and equally unique to offer you. Our attention is focused not on serial, factory-made but mainly on products handmade by local artists and artisans; most of our goods-maker we know in person, and trust, and admire for their complete dedication to their work with heart and soul. One of the perks of our putia is our constant being on the look out for new talents in fashion and local handicraft, especially from Sicily. We also pride ourselves in working closely with the best representatives of the state of art, old-school inspired craftsmanship who produce classic Sicilian puppets, “carretti” wooden carts and similar unique wooden adornments & ornaments. High quality is a must of all out products, together with a keen eye for details and for uniqueness of each element, texture, material. In our concept putia, exceptional manual skills are combined with extraordinary taste and imagination, not to mention extreme attention to the high quality of the materials employed, always selected among the finest and most original and innovative. this is to ensure each of our products stands to represent the distinctiveness and timeless beauty of the Eolian & Sicilian traditions.